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This one's from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I was last week. This is Room 311 of the Read House, said to be haunted. Of course I requested the room, of course I got two nights of very sound sleep without a whisper of a ghost... Al Capone stayed in this room when caught by the feds and waiting for transport. And two women were murdered in this room, one said to be a prostitute murdered by a soldier in the civil war, the second a woman caught cheating by her husband in the twenties, nearly decapitated in the bathtub. They've since remodeled. A very nice room. Apparently guests complain a lot when given this room, so they don't rent it out unless the hotel is full or someone specially requests it. I did get some pics with little white bubbly circles of light, but not impressive enough to post, and they look nothing like ghosts, probably just reflected light or whatever. I was counting on getting scared out of my head, and that just didn't happen... the only strange thing about the room was the lampshades were tilted in some pics and not in others, the room service and bell staff were apprehensive, and my Sonicare toothbrush, which I has broken by dropping earlier in the week, came back to life. And the elevator took me to the 9th floor when I pressed the button for lobby - the doors didn't open, it just went from 3 to 9, paused, and then went down again to 1. Nothing exciting. The only other pics I could find on the web of the room, and a short (and sensationalized) history are here:

Other photos from the trip are here:

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